The entire production chain of MA.VI Ceramics is mainly based on recalling, in shapes and colours, the artistic and cultural patrimony of Vietri's handcrafted ceramics. Nowadays decorations are still made entirely by hand, using "Bianco Vietri" paint as a base, making every single piece unique.
The hand-painting technique is done through the help of large brushes, so that the paint can be easily distributed on the tile. As a matter of fact, paint strokes of different shades and the uneven traits, show clearly that they're made by hand.
The "spugnato" is another technique which is made by using sea sponges, giving the tile a more transparent colour, compared to the hand-painting technique.
The manual serigraphy, is instead, a simpler technique. The colour goes through a silky weave, and is imprinted on the still-raw tile with a spatula made of rubber, defining decoration and trait.
Serigraphy is evident in the homogeneity of the trait, whereas the manual decoration shows the characteristics of the brushe' bristles.
Decoration by hand is the most complex technique: the best decorators use the "spolvero" technique, which traces the design with coal dust. The design is then completed with its outline, using thin brushes and afterwards with the application of various colous.