Designer: Daniele Della Porta e Clara Nardiello

ALFABETILE was born from the union of ALFABETO plus TILE, giving life to a new language with which the tiles, declined in letters, create floors and walls that can interact with spaces. An extremely dynamic collection that offers a double point of view: the letters of the alphabet, reinterpreted by Daniele Della Porta and Clara Nardiello, allow the designer maximum freedom of expression thanks to the possibility of constructing geometric combinations or telling stories by creating hidden words among the forms, almost messages to be discovered. Clearly inspired by the Bauhaus, ALFABETILE wants to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the illustrious German school (1919 - 2019). While the Mediterranean shades create the right combination between the Vietri tradition in which the company is grafted and the Central European culture to which the collection winks. The ten colors proposed, to be mixed according to personal taste, add infinite combinations to a universal language made up of signs and letters, which gives rise to new archetypes of communication. This versatile soul makes the collection suitable for public spaces, commercial surfaces and for use in the home interior.