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Daniele Della Porta


Active since 2005 in the branch of architecture and design.
His design attitude is always poised between material culture and everyday poetry. In the field of design, his work is dominated by the collaboration between designer and craftsman and by a vision of art direction open to entrepreneurial development based on the centrality of the designer and on the executive capacity of a craftsmanship rooted in the territory. He has designed objects for the upholstery, wood, marble and metal industries. Five of his products have been selected by the ADI Industrial Design Association and many of his works have been published in international magazines.

Clara Nardiello

Multidisciplinar Creator and Marketing Manager

Already winner of the International Competition for the Millennium Logo of the Benedictine Abbey of Cava de 'Tirreni (WOLDA '08 Winner), she has carried out projects in various fields of communication
and design, including Eni, Tim, L'Oreal, Il Sole 24 Ore, EMU Outdoor Design, Vestas, etc., designing, among others, the official gadget for the inauguration of the MAXXI in Rome.

Ivana Carbone


At the base of his projects is the study of invisible components, local contexts and nature with its dynamics. Since 2004 she has been involved in bioclimatic design, first doing an internship abroad, then working as a freelancer, and developing research activities at European universities, whose scientific results are collected in monographs and essays. Also from the comparison with other cultures (Eastern, American, South American academies), multi-sensory projects were born that have collected the immaterial aspect and have listened to the nature of the places and the people who animate them, to the point of establishing the centrality of living. Currently, in fact, her professional activity is focused on the residence inserted in the urban space.

Raffaele Calvino


During his professional career he collaborated with various architecture and design studios specializing in Interior Design and Industrial Design, developing a passion for design for food. Over the years, he participates in various design and design competitions that lead him to know many national and international realities with which he establishes working relationships matured over time. In the field of design, through continuous research and professional relationships, including Ma.Vi ceramiche and other realities related to the world of ceramics, he approaches this world by starting a fruitful collaboration with companies in this sector. The encounter with these realities allows him to develop a sensitivity and a deep knowledge of design for food. He designs and designs various products for starred catering from Campania and Lombardy, continuing to do research on the sector. The efforts made in this area give life to a research called "ARCHETYPES from Poseidonia to Paestum: research of contemporary artifacts", designed in co-design with the company Bhumi Ceramica, which wins several awards and is among the finalists of the Dezeen Awards 2021 and the prestigious recognition of the ADI Index 2021.