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Cuori azzurri

Cuori azzurri

Cuori azzurri

Football evenings with friends? Here is a small support for food or bottles dedicated to the favorite team, or to those with a passion for football. Handmade with the best clays and with cement glaze in shades of light blue / blue, the support resists high heat and frost.
Blue hearts, a complement here clearly intended for the fans of the Napoli Calcio Club, can be customized. Each team has its own colors and its football emblem and we make it by hand with the dedication we always put into the “made in Italy” ceramic, of which we are absolute fans!

Do you want to discover other interesting reasons to buy and give Hearts with concrete enamel?

You will have understood that it is a unique object and each piece will never be identical to the other! It also has the ability to withstand sudden changes in temperature. It has bas-relief engravings that create friction and has colors and shapes that can give character to any wall.

(Cod. 6bc8f4e7f2b0)