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Research and technique

Research and technique

The art of ceramic

Ceramic craftsmanship has always been one of the driving elements of the Vietri economy. The most ancient written testimony dates back to the century. XV, when they were produced langelle of bare earthenware. The favorable position of Vietri sul Mare within the Tyrrhenian trade, the proximity of the factories to the beach, the gravitational center of the local economy, the natural water supply that fed the driving force of the factories, the hills rich in timber, the formation of a local very active entrepreneurial class, particularly linked to trade with Sicily, Sardinia, Tuscany, Liguria, are all elements that favored the development of local ceramic workshops. 

Vietri sul mare
MAVI CERAMIA - Melrose Napoli

A long history

The kilns churned out thousands of plates, of jars, mugs. The traditional decorative motifs of Vietri ceramics refer to an Arcadian reality: shepherds and peasant girls, rural landscapes, country churches, farmhouses, donkeys, sheep, chickens, etc. Today the splendor of Vietri ceramics shines more than ever. It is, in fact, the best known artisan product of the province of Salerno and exported abroad. The Vietri ceramic pieces find a happy place as interior and exterior furnishing elements in villas, gardens, restaurants, clubs, boutiques and apartments all over the world.

Spectacular are the floors with Vietri decoration, the garden tables, the wall panels, and then again the decorations for masonry kitchens, bathrooms, stairs, etc. The secret of this great success is undoubtedly in the materials and colors, stolen from the sun, the sea and the earth. But the master potters are of fundamental importance who, while remaining faithful to the dictates of tradition, continue to update themselves on the latest trends ininterior and furniture 

Ability and Technique

The pictorial technique, the ability, the competence of the operators of the "Mavi Mavi Ceramica ", managed and guided by a staff of technicians, each expert in their own sector, make the ceramic objects unique and inimitable pieces both for the chrome plating of the glazes used and for the colors and decorations, in various styles, ranging from floral to landscape with effects of gloss and opacity resulting from firing at high temperatures obtained in special traditional ovens.

Thi is Mavi Ceramica, a reality present in the Salerno area that can boast a wise and prudent growth integrated by a production of excellence!