Sei - έξ

Designer: Ivana Carbone

The powerful symbolism of the number SIX and the geometric figure that represents it, the hexagon, are the leitmotif of the collection. 
The SEI is the number of perfection and harmony: it represents the necessary relationship between Creator and creature, in which one cannot exist without the other and vice versa. 
The completeness of the experience is expressed here by the chromatic combinations chosen for this collection: the sought-after effect of positive and negative generates an inseparable, complex and at the same time simple unity, in which the repeated and concentric geometric shape gives life to an experience exceptional perceptive. 

Tipo 1 negativo

Tipo 2 negativo


Tipo 3 negativo


Tipo 4 negativo

Tipo 1 positivo

Tipo 2 positivo


Tipo 3 positivo


Tipo 4 positivo


Composizione tipo 1

Tipo 1

Composizione tipo 2

Tipo 2

Composizione tipo 3

Tipo 3

Composizione tipo 4

Tipo 4