Handmade ceramics have always been one the main features of Vietri’s good economy. The most ancient written proof goes up to the XVth century, when “langelle” of terracotta were produced.
The elements which helped the development of the local ceramics laboratories were: the successful position of Vietri sul mare in Mar Tirreno’s economy, factories being close to the beach (centre of the local economy), the abundance of water resources, the hills being rich of wood, the birth of a local business class particularly bound o trades with Sicily, Sardegna, Tuscany, Liguria.
Nowadays, Vietri’s ceramics are more famous than ever. It is, in fact, Salerno’s most appreciated and exported handmade product.
Vietri’s ceramic products are usually used as decorating elements inside or outside mansions, gardens, restaurants, boutiques and apartments all over the world. Spectacular ceramic products are floors, garden tables, wall decals and also decorations for kitchens, bathrooms, stairs and so on.
The secrets of this enormous success are, without a doubt, materials and colours, inspired to the sun, the sea and the earth. Very important are the best craftsmen, who continue on getting updated on the latest trends of interior design, though remaining faithful to the tradition.

Maestri ceramisti

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