The tradition, the innovation, the research and the method of handcrafting applied to the realization in series of our products, represent for Ma.Vi srl, Ceramics Passion Holding Group, elements o excellent production. All of this happens in Cava De’ Tirreni, one of the cities selected by A.I.C.C ( Italian Ceramics City Association) for the production of artistic ceramics.
Today the activity of Mavi Ceramics, is characterized by the research and the innovation with which the craftsmen reinterpret and recover the tradition of Vietri’s ceramics. The innovation that characterizes Mavi Ceramics, is stimulated above all by a more and more demanding request of commitment, that has determined a productive renewal. Such renewal is tangible in the production of manufactured articles of quality, such as artistic panels, rose windows, mosaics of different types, indoor and urban decoration, ceramic artifacts, garden decoration with production of decorated terracotta, production of decorating tiles for floors and walls, plates made out of stone of volcanic origin with vivid colours and fabulous decorations, all the way to the realization of little objects, party favours and gift items. The painting techniques, ability and competence of Mavi Ceramics’operators, managed by a staff of technicians, each specialized in their own sector, make our products unique and inimitable in colours and decorations, which go form floral motives to beautiful landscapes, with opacity and brightness coming from them being cooked in special, traditional ovens at very high temperatures. All of this is Mavi Ceramics, a reality present on Salerno’s territory, which can boast a great growth, in addition to an excellent production.

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